Refunds and Cancellations
What is the general policy on refunds and cancellations?
Once your payment has been made we will do all that we can to process your order. In the unlikely event we are unable to process your order, you will be intimidated within seven working days and a complete refund will be given.

What should I do if I find a defective item?
If an item is found defective, Please call our helpline immediately at 044-43535660. We will arrange for a reverse pick up and either issue a full refund or replace the product with a new one.

I need to return the item how do I arrange for pick up?
To arrange for a reverse pick up, you need to contact us at the number given and we will arrange for pick up with one of our courier partners like Blu Dart, DHL etc.

What are modes of refund available after cancellation?
After cancellation you can either get a full refund or get your order replaced by us. Either way it must be processed in seven working days after receiving the goods.